TIMELINE PROJECT DUE MONDAY! Will be constructed in class.

Student of the Day!

Dear Parents, 
 As this terrific year draws to a close, I want each student to get a chance to be celebrated in the classroom. To do this, there will be one student of the day picked for the last nine days of the year. Each day, the Star Student of the Day will get to read the book during Morning Meeting, make sure students are walking nicely in the halls, sit in a special seat, and get to use special materials. They will also get to show off their timeline to the class and read all about themselves on the board in the morning. With your child, please select a school appropriate read aloud (any picture book will do!) that they feel comfortable reading to the class. (I can always help if they need help reading!) This should be brought in with the survey. Please complete the attached survey and return it with the read aloud by the date on the page. The student picked will be a surprise each day! Your child will bring home a certificate saying they were the star student for the day. 


Timeline Project

Dear Parents, In Social Studies, we have been learning about the difference between the past, present, and future. We have also learned about early American civilization and Native Americans. To finish up our Past and Present unit, we are going to create an in-class project about our own past and present! Our very last in-class project is our First Grade Timeline Project. As a family, you will decide on 5 important events in your child’s life. The first event should be when your child was born, and the last event should be the most recent picture of them. You will need to have pictures of your child either during the event or around the age of that event. For instance, if a student lost his first tooth but you didn’t have a picture of it, a picture of him around the same age of the time of the event would work fine! You can also draw pictures of the events.  Some ideas for the events could be first teeth, first steps, first haircut, first day of school, vacations, visits from relatives. …

Matter - Science Project

What’s the matter?
Dear Parents, We will be learning about states and properties of matter when we return from Memorial Day weekend. One way that we will organize our learning is by finding pictures of different states of matter.  Please help us! Please bring in any school-appropriate magazines, flyers from the newspaper (such as Target or the supermarket), or print-outs from a website that you don’t mind us cutting and gluing.We will be sorting different states of matter using the things we see around us. Magazines and pictures are due by 5/31 Thank you!
Miss Soricelli

Science Quiz

·What does orbit mean? ·What does rotate mean? ·What are planets? ·What is the moon? ·What is the sun? ·What are stars? ·Does Earth spin fast or slow? ·What lights the sky during the day? ·What are moon phases? ·What causes a year?
·What can shadows tell us about Earth? Do shadows stay the same all day?
Quiz on Thursday! Solar System project due Tuesday.

Week of 5/22

No Spelling words this week!

Dates to Remember:
5/26 - No School
5/29 - No School
5/30 - Solar System Project Due!
6/2 - Half Day
6/8 - Spring Music Recital

In Math, we are learning about place value - tens and ones and regrouping. In ELA, we're working on personal narratives and the ue, ui, ew sound. In Science we're finishing up space and planets and will be working on Matter after memorial day. In Social Studies we're talking about present/past and American History.

No RED books this week
Practice ABC Mouse over the long weekend
Have a great memorial day!